How To Create VPS with Hetzner in 5 Minutes




How To Create VPS with Hetzner

Let me show you How To Create VPS with Hetzner for your project in 5 minutes of your time.

First of all, you need to create a Hetzner account

I have a great deal for you. You can start without spending your money. Click on the below link to get โ‚ฌโ 20 on your Cloud Account during the registration

Great, now you can move with the registration and first VPS buy, but before that check your country selection

Your country & VAT Selection

(you can see the actual prices with your local VAT)

Hetzner VAT Selection
List of Available Countries

On the right side click on the hamburger icon to invoke the Hetzner website menu.

Expanded Hambirget Menu

Expand the LOGIN drop-down and click Cloud

You will be redirected to the Hetzner Accounts portal where you will need to create a new account.

New Account Registration

Click REGISTER NOW below the login box

Register New Account
Complete your new account registration and login into the portal

Note: Do not forget to confirm your e-mail


Great. Now you should see your personal Dashboard with your projects.

If you would like to have more than one project, you can create as many as you want.

Here is an example of two projects I do have in my account

Hetzner Cloud Dashboard

You can rename them at any time

To add a new server, you need to click on your project first. Here is an example of my Monitoring Project opened

Now you need to click ADD SERVER button at the very bottom

Server List

Create a server

The next step is to configure your own VPS server


The first selection is the Datacenter Location. Today Hetzner can offer four locations, two in Germany (Nuremberg and Falkenstein), one Datacenter in Helsinki, and another one in Ashburn

Choose the closest one to you or your targeted market (if you plan to provide services)

Hetzner Datacenter Location

OS Images

The Next step is to select an OS Image or APPS

You have a wide variety of operating systems to choose from. If you know what you need – just pick one. If you do not – I suggest you pick the one that is under the “Requirements list” for your service.

In my case I plan to install Docker Engine, so I need to check the Docker documentation >> HERE <<

Docker Supported Operation Systems

I will choose Ubuntu 20.04 (It scores all the ticks) ๐Ÿ˜€

My pick is usually Debian or Ubuntu. If you are a beginner Ubuntu is your choice because you can find more tutorials and help with the Ubuntu community. But in general, you should be able to do your things with all OS flavors.

Hetzner VPS Image - Ubuntu

Server Type (Hardware, Traffic, Price)

The next step is to choose the Type (Server Hardware)

For my Monitoring Project, the smallest options will work fine. So I pick CX11

Hetzner CX11 VPS

Networking (IPv4, IPv6, Private Networks)

Under the Networking leave both options selected

Hetzned Networking IPv4 IPv6

SSH Keys

Now SSH keys section

I strongly recommend you add your own SSH Keys to the server. Click on + ADD SSH KEY

If you do not know how to create your own keys you can check my guide by clicking >> HERE <<

SSH Keys Selection
Add an SSH key

Volumes, Firewalls

Steps Volumes and Firewalls are ok to skip and move to Backups


I suggest you select Backups, so you could restore your projects within minutes in case of any issues. It will cost you only 20% of the server price.

Hetzner Backup

Placement groups & Cloud Config

Placement groups and Cloud config are not needed.

Pick Your Server Name hit CREATE & BUY NOW

Pick your server name and hit CREATE & BUY NOW



Your server should be ready within 5 minutes.

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