22.10.2022 – Ping? Pong! How to Check Your Online Services




Ping? Pong! How to Check Your Online Services

Today I was trying to work with my website when suddenly It went offline. Never happened before. I need my monitoring solution and here is how.

I belong to one of the human types who do like to know that something is working as intended, at least it’s online and accessible. Whether it is just an Internet Connection status, or some kind of Server Online (Game Server, VPN Server, Home Assistant, Docker you name it), Life-Saving Smoke Sensors, Water Leaking Sensors are up and running fine. Our days there are quite a lot of different things we might use to ease our life and we need to control them.

Thus, I think everyone should have some kind of Dashboard, or “Command Center” if you wish, where you can log in or go to and see the status of all the services you are using, right? ๐Ÿ˜Š

I wrote a small guide on how do I track my services. You can check it >> HERE <<

Issues and solutions

  • Service is UP/DOWN? Be Aware of Your Services Status (Online / Offline)
  • Service DOWN! Be notified ASAP when your own service is down, so I can check it and fix it.
  • Money Making Services Must Serve You, otherwise, You need to shut down Money and Energy Stealing things.

Lessons Learned

  • Do not rely on Hardware, Software, Datacenters, ISPs
  • Your Life, Your Services – Service Online and Working – Calm Sleep and Safe Life
  • Do Not be scared to do things you think are accompanying your life in your favor.
Rinse & Repeat