30.09.2022 – Reusable Contents in WordPress – Day 2

Yesterday I’ve been able to think and compile the list (not the final, but quite a big one) of skills I need to learn and master, to get to my goal.

I do have the knowledge for most of the things in a way, but I never tracked the time I’ve spent learning them and did not do the journaling. Thus I would like to start from zero.

For now, I can share with you the list of the skills I have compiled so far. In the future, I plan to extract the takeaways in a weekly report. Oh yes. The weekly report: I believe I need one with a bit more details, but that’s for another time.

My Own Skill Factory For this Project

Issues and solutions:

  • Create and use templates for daily logbook posts
  • Where and how to track Skills Mastering

Lessons Learned:

  • You need to track your progress, or you will not see you are moving forward
  • You need to fuel yourself, the best fuel is to see you have something already done

07:35 AM 9/30/2022