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[vc_single_image image=”70″ img_size=”full” alignment=”right” style=”vc_box_rounded”][vc_column_text]Welcome to JaanKivila Start Here page, this is a personal website with FREE and PAID resources for begginers.

My name is Jaan, and I started JaanKivila in 2017 with no only one idea is to learn how to build a proper website, blog and e-mail marketing. Step-by-step I’ve learned a lot different and very interesting things that I think I can teach you as well.

You will find a lot of easy to understand guides, reviews and deals that will help you to step into Internet. I will share with you something that I wish I had when I was starting out back to 2017.


Who JaanKivila is For?

I have started this out as a learning resource for all non-techy users. No matter if you want to start your blog, build a website or if you are looking for SEO optimization.

Probably you have asked yourself things like:

  • How can I build a website?
  • What is a CMS?
  • What CMS is best for begginers?
  • What is a Domain Name?
  • What is a Hosting?
  • How to setup a WordPress site?
  • How can I do *something* in WordPress?
  • Which plugins for WordPress do I need?
  • How to fix *any* WordPress error?
  • Where to get Themes for WordPress?

Or maybe you have some other questions about WordPress, then JaanKivila is the right place to be.

At JaanKivila, you will find things such as:

  • JaanKivila Blog – Place where I publish my WordPress tutorials, how tos, and step by step experience.
  • JaanKivila Begginers – The best place to start and familiarize themselves with the WordPress for beginners.
  • JaanKivila Blueprint – Behind the scenes look at the tools, plugins and services I use on JaanKivila.
  • JaanKivila Deals – Exclusive for JaanKivila only discounts on WordPress products and services for our users.
  • JaanKivila Videos – Step-by-step video tutorials to help you to step into personal WordPress site/blog or even a store.

JaanKivila content is 100% free, I do not charge any money for it. Note that I might have some affiliate links of services I personally use and share with you. This is more than enough for me to keep the content of this site free of charge. I need to pay only a 5 USD per month for a webserver. Do you want to know why it is so cheap? Checkout our Advanced VPS Server Setup Guide

Checkout some of my most helpful WordPress tutorials for beginners here:

  • How to Start a WordPress blog / website (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Start an Online Store (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Find the Best WordPress theme (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Choose the Best WordPress plugins (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Fix the Most Common WordPress Errors (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Choose The Best WordPress Hosting (in development – what does it means?)
  • How to Improve WordPress Security (in development – what does it means?)

Do you think You Need Help With Something Else?

Probably, I did not face with some issues or questions that You might have along our way, so I might have no article or tutorial for You. Try to use search engine like Google typing your keywords and add a JaanKivila at the end, so I can analyze requests and prepare an article special for you.

You can also send me your questions or issues using my contact form, and I will try to answer to you directly.

How to Join JaanKivila?

JaanKivila is a free WordPress learning platform, and you can visit my website at anytime.

Here is how you can join me, so that you never miss any of my new WordPress tutorials:

  • Join my Email list (12,000+ Subscribers)
  • Connect with me via Facebook group: JaanKiviladotcom
  • Join me on Twitter

Thanks a lot for visiting my JaanKivila website. I hope you found some interesting and useful information here.

Welcome back any time. I look forward to help you learn WordPress

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